Nature Therapy

More often than not, when I head out for a walk I always seem to gravitate to a woodland or a park – somewhere where there is no tarmac, no cars & to be honest, no people. It’s not that I am anti-social, it’s just that I selfishly enjoy having the beauty of nature to … Continue reading Nature Therapy

Not Giving a F**k

Being in the relatively early stages of development (The Dawdlers Guide, not me), it occurred to me that I didn’t have a decent strapline. I wanted something that immediately resonated with those fellow dawdlers in the world, such as ‘Forever plodding on’, ‘Sticking the middle finger up to modern life’ or ‘Bimbling on through life’. … Continue reading Not Giving a F**k

Dear Mr Boyd….

Whilst on holiday in Weymouth, during a nose through the book section in a charity shop, the title of a hard-back book caught my eye.  It was: Last Call for the Dining Car – The Telegraph Book of Great Railway Journeys by Michael Kerr & at £2.50, it was a bargain not to be missed. … Continue reading Dear Mr Boyd….


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This site is maintained by Dan – dawdler, ex-soldier, former chef turned podiatrist. He enjoys ambling, bimbling & plodding around, as well as eating bacon sandwiches & drinking tea. He lives in Reading, Berkshire, UK.

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