Dickism: A modern day affliction

Although I cannot comment on the rest of the world, in the UK we are in the grips of the worst pandemic that has ever swept our shores. But I am not on about the Coronavirus, I am on about Dickism. For those unfamiliar with this affliction, Dickism is a mental illness that affects the higher control centres of the brain. Aetiology The precise cause of Dickism is largely unknown, although there is a higher incidence of the affliction in those who have been raised on a diet of processed, fat riddled, highly-salted food products, saturated-sugary or caffeinated drinks & … Continue reading Dickism: A modern day affliction

Life Before Death

Following on from Article 1, so I can say that without a shadow of doubt, every single one of us is going to DIE. Could be today, could be tomorrow – who knows? The when is hard to predict (unless you decide to euthanise yourself that is), but it does seem that you can accelerate yourself to extinction by smoking too many tabs, eating too many pies or drinking vast amounts of hooch (hey, don’t worry kids, other life-limiting methods are also available to choose from in the foyer of life). There is one substantial ‘fuctor’ (a self-induced, life-limiting factor … Continue reading Life Before Death


I guess we are all familiar with the phrase ‘you only have one life’. Well, what if we changed the word ‘life’ to ‘death’. You only have one death – sobering stuff for some. But it is only that very moment, when your heart stops beating, that ‘your life’ is considered to be extinguished . At some point, somewhere at the end of the line, your lights go out, your numbers up, you’ve popped your clogs, you cease to exist – dead, deceased, not living (as some clever pythons once said). And as far as anyone knows, being dead is … Continue reading Endex