The Dawdlers Club is all about travel & adventures – albeit, slow thoughtful travel & adventures. It is founded on the the rather strange & unorthodox view, that life (that bit between ‘being born’ & ‘feeling the wood against your elbows’), is meant to be for living & dare I say it, even having fun. It’s about doing stuff & keeping active for the sake of pure enjoyment. But conversely, it is also about pausing, putting your feet up & just admiring the view (with a brew obviously 🙂).

The aim of this website is to simply inspire, provoke thought & occasionally, upwardly curl the lips of a reader. Within the pages of this guide is the sort of irreverent, anecdotal waffle that is best pondered from a reclining position, in the shade, on a warm summers day, or huddled over a pint, next to a roaring fire, in the depths of winter.

So if you hanker for a slower, more relaxed way of thinking, we bid you a warm welcome my friend. But if it isn’t, keep speeding-on chum – no doubt we will see you at the finish line.