The Dawdlers Club was first conceived in 1944 by a hardy bunch of British servicemen, who regularly ‘dawdled’ lorries across the windswept deserts of North Africa. As you can imagine, the journeys were slow, tedious & fraught with danger. For safety when night approached, the ‘dawdlers’ would often rendezvous at pre-arranged locations in the middle-of-nowhere, whereby tarpaulin bivouacs were strung-up, charcoal braziers lit & tables, chairs, plates & cutlery would emerge, along with silverware constructed by artisan craftsmen in Cairo. Within the chaos of war, in the middle of the desert, the gentlemen of The Dawdlers Club made the most of it, with eccentric style & decorum.

Although we no longer ‘dawdle’ though deserts, The Dawdlers Club is still about travel, history & adventure. Our remit is to just get out there & explore…slowly.

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