The whole world went and got itself in a big damn hurry….

Ain’t that quote from Brooks Hatlen the truth. It seems everywhere you go these days it’s all zoom, zoom, zoom, or snooze & you lose.

But we can’t be bothered with all that….

The Dawdlers Club is quite simply an ‘adventure club’ for those who, how can we say, enjoy doing fun & mildly exciting things, without the burning desire to kick the arse out of it*. For us ‘dawdlers’ it is all about getting outside & relaxing in the beautiful natural world, away from all the ‘numpties’ & the hustle & bustle of modern frenetic living.

Our interests tend to revolve around 3 activities:

  • Slow travel
  • Laidback adventures
  • Alfresco eating & drinking

So if this kind of nonsense appeals to you, just add your email below & join the club.

(Alternatively, join us on Instagram (#thedawdlersclub @thedawdlersclub))

*a term of British Army origin that indicates that an activity should be done NOT to an extreme