Many of us blokes reach a point in life where we have had enough of ‘the bunfight’*. Some of us crack-on, some of us crack-up & sadly, some of us press the self-destruct button. (Yeah, we’ve been there, seen that & almost got the t-shirt).

The thing is, although you may not realise it at the time, there is always a way out if you want to find it (& I’m not talking about a one-way ticket to Switzerland either).

For us, it came in the form of The Dawdlers Club.

The Dawdlers Club is all about getting away from the high-speed f**kwittery of modern life, in favour of pursuing a simpler, slower, less-frenetic existence. We fully understand that we are all going to feel the wood against our elbows at some point & that being dead is for a bloody long time – especially if there are no pubs on the other side, but I mean, why should we spend our precious ‘breathing time’ (the bit where you are actually alive & breathing) doing stuff that seriously stresses us out? No, life is for living pal, so why not get out there, make a brew & learn to take it easy man….

If this sort of irreverent nonsense is your sort of nonsense, pop your email address here & join the club.

Alternatively, tag-along on Instagram (@the_dawdlers_club).

*The Bunfight: The period in a chaps life from between 18 & 70ish.

WARNING: As you may of gathered, our outlook is not to everyone’s taste. If you are offended by anything on this site & feel the compulsion to complain/whinge/moan/bitch, we would suggest that you write your thoughts on a piece of paper, in as much detail as possible & carefully roll it into a cylindrical shape, following which you can then insert it firmly & as far as you can, up your own rectum.