‘Twas in my younger days that I was fortunate enough to serve with Her Majesty’s Armed Forces & it was here in the late 1980’s that I got introduced to two things: Firstly, adventurous training & also the phrase ‘don’t kick the arse out of it’*.

Now you may think that adventure training in the British Army was all about climbing Mount Everest in a pair of budgie smugglers, or paddling a surfboard across the Atlantic in flip-flops, but it wasn’t. Adventure training was about doing stuff, pushing the adrenalin button a bit & enjoying time outdoors away from all the establishment BS. It was as close to a holiday as you could get in the military.

Now I am older & wiser (some might say otherwise) & no longer dressed in khaki, I started The Dawdlers Club as a way of combining those two things again in ‘civvy street’ – ‘adventure training without kicking the arse out of it’.

If this sounds like your kind of nonsense, pop your email address in here & join the club.

Alternatively, tag-along on Instagram (@the_dawdlers_club).

*Meaning to undertake a specific event without the requirement to perform it to an extreme.