Much is written in the annals of history about great men & women who pushed the boundaries of human endeavour in the spirit of adventure.  But now in the twenty-first century with much of the world having been scaled, rowed, cycled, swum, climbed, ran & generally conquered, the challenge for many these days lies not with being ‘first’, but with being ‘fastest’.

Fortunately, not by any of us….

Here at The Dawdlers Club we want to celebrate a lesser known, but equally dedicated type of adventurer – that of ‘the dawdler’.  These are the wanderers, the plodders & the bimblers of the world.  They are the folk who seek simple adventure & excitement through travelling the planet using slow means.   In a world full of hares, they are very much the tortoises.

Our mission is to encourage & promote ‘dawdling’ as an activity that can be enjoyed by all & not just the few.   

So by all means, please feel free to have a mooch around, liking, sharing & commenting as you wish.

Slow down, you move too fast. You’ve got to make the morning last – Paul Simon