Bimbling around Bath on a Brompton

It was possibly the last decent day of the summer & by jimney, I was going to enjoy it. With the kids safely deposited at school, I hot footed it to Tilehurst railway station ready for a day of bicycle shenanigans around the historic city of Bath. As anyone who uses the railways in the UK will agree that the pricing of the tickets is tantamount to daylight robbery.  Whilst I stood at the front of the queue in the ticket office, the man behind the desk put on his face mask, whipped out his National Rail issue pistol & … Continue reading Bimbling around Bath on a Brompton

Night Buses

Arriving home from a jolly night, or should I say, jolly evening out (I can’t party like I used too) in the buzzing culture capital that is Reading, I have the opening line to ‘Night boat to Cairo’ by Madness, on perpetual send in my head, only with altered lyrics.  And take it from me, that opening the front door at 10pm & singing ‘Night bus to Tilehurst’ at full volume, does not impress a wife. As I have previously mentioned, rail is my number one mode of public transport.  But if you appreciate people watching, you cannot beat traveling … Continue reading Night Buses