Our Shop

Well, we have to fund our travels somehow……

In the coming months, we will be developing a range of ‘dawdler’ products.   You will not find cheaply made, disposable ‘tat’ of any kind – the mass-produced, environmentally-polluting detritus, that has a functional life span of five minutes, before being consigned to a landfill site, in this shop.  No dear chums, we will be flogging you products of quality.

As well as some ‘new’ items we make no bones about sourcing & selling secondhand kit (obviosuly it will be marked ‘secondhand kit’ to avoid any confusion).   There is plenty of useful & perfectly operational equipment out there, stuffed in peoples sheds, garages, lofts & cuboards, that is waiting to be used again, so why not pass it on to people who will appreciate it?

So until we (meaning I) try to figure out how to set up a ‘selling’ page, please be patient & browse the rest of the site.