Leave No Trace

Taken from the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, our motto forms a set of common-sense principles that we adhere to when we are out & about.

Prior Preparation & Planning

It is all about looking at what we want to do & then prepping accordingly.

Minimise environmental damage

In places where there is a lot of human footfall, we try to stick to tracks to prevent vegetation damage & soil erosion, wherever possible. In addition we never cut ‘green wood’ from trees or permanently clear ground vegetation.

Minimise campfire impact

We particularly enjoy cooking using a natural flame & as such use a variety of different sized contraptions that have a minimal impact (if any) to the environment.

Dispose of waste properly

As well as the blight that is single-use plastics, human-originated waste can come in many forms. We ensure all our waste is properly disposed of.

Respect all wildlife

They have as much right to the outdoors as we do.

Be considerate of other visitors

The countryside is a place to get away from the morons & cretins in life. We like to keep it that way.