Easy Chilli in the garden

It must be said that I am a big fan of Dutch ovens, so when the kadai is lit, 99.9% of the time I have the Dutchie bubbling away on top. Tonight it was time for a chilli. Step 1 (let’s assume the fire is lit) Chop up a small onion & a large carrot….

Breakfast on the shores of Coniston Water

After a fitful, warm night in the tent, I awoke to the delightful tones of my ex-army mate telling his dog to ‘shurrup’ (the fact that he was making all the noise was besides the point). As I poked my head out of the tent, he told me & Harry to get our kit together…

Trying veggie haggis for the first time

It may surprise some of you that we don’t always eat bacon & sausages. Very occasionally, we like to try out new & interesting foodstuffs – even vegetables. Today it was the turn of haggis. But not your normal sheep’s stomach stuffed with meat & barley, but a veggie version stuffed with, well veggie stuff….