Al Fresco Catering

Since I was a nipper I have always loved cooking outdoors. From about the age of 10 in the summer hols, I regularly used to sit outside my one-man tent & skillfully manage to weld a sausage, or piece of Spam, on to an aluminium frying pan, with a little help of my little Camping Gas stove – a little blue contraption with a twisty nob thing that allowed the flame to be ‘Off’ or ‘Mount Vesuvius’ (I can still hear my dear old Dad muttering to my Mum – “Don’t worry darling, his fringe & eyebrows will grow back … Continue reading Al Fresco Catering

Nature Therapy

More often than not, when I head out for a walk I always seem to gravitate to a woodland or a park – somewhere where there is no tarmac, no cars & to be honest, no people. It’s not that I am anti-social, it’s just that I selfishly enjoy having the beauty of nature to myself. In my own life, I can recall emotionally draining times when I used woodland walking as a form of therapy, needing time alone to try & make sense of the turmoil that I was struggling to deal with. At university, in the stressful winter … Continue reading Nature Therapy

Not Giving a F**k

Being in the relatively early stages of development (The Dawdlers Guide, not me), it occurred to me that I didn’t have a decent strapline. I wanted something that immediately resonated with those fellow dawdlers in the world, such as ‘Forever plodding on’, ‘Sticking the middle finger up to modern life’ or ‘Bimbling on through life’. Before I finally settled on ‘Taking life easy since 1970*’, I almost considered using ‘Not giving a f**k since 1970’. (*Interesting point: I found out from my eldest, that in the computing world the beginning of time is in fact, 1970. Therefore the club strapline … Continue reading Not Giving a F**k

Brewing Up

Tea – the undisputed conversation catalyst of Great Britain & Northern Ireland. For us Brits, there is nothing quite like enjoying a lovely cuppa with friends to promote camaraderie & friendship. It is also just happens to be a great way to start the day. Although it has been around in China for a few thousand years, tea is a relative newbie to this country, being allegedly introduced to British society by Catherine, the Portuguese wife of King Charles the Second, circa 1680 something. The process of adding milk to tea was implemented just a little while later, in an … Continue reading Brewing Up

Bimbling around Bath on a Brompton

It was possibly the last decent day of the summer & by jimney, I was going to enjoy it. With the kids safely deposited at school, I hot footed it to Tilehurst railway station ready for a day of bicycle shenanigans around the historic city of Bath. As anyone who uses the railways in the UK will agree that the pricing of the tickets is tantamount to daylight robbery.  Whilst I stood at the front of the queue in the ticket office, the man behind the desk put on his face mask, whipped out his National Rail issue pistol & … Continue reading Bimbling around Bath on a Brompton

Night Buses

Arriving home from a jolly night, or should I say, jolly evening out (I can’t party like I used too) in the buzzing culture capital that is Reading, I have the opening line to ‘Night boat to Cairo’ by Madness, on perpetual send in my head, only with altered lyrics.  And take it from me, that opening the front door at 10pm & singing ‘Night bus to Tilehurst’ at full volume, does not impress a wife. As I have previously mentioned, rail is my number one mode of public transport.  But if you appreciate people watching, you cannot beat traveling … Continue reading Night Buses

Something has to give…

There he was, standing straight in front of me.  I just couldn’t stop staring at him.  Wearing a towel that barely covered his nether regions, this rotund, wild-haired, middle-aged man, was squaring-up to me like a confronted alpha-male gorilla – shoulders pulled back, chest puffed out & his midriff sucked in.  While we stood, eyeballing each other for a few seconds, a noise similar to tyre suddenly being punctured, hissed from his mouth & his bloated abdomen descended rapidly to its natural, overhanging rest position.  Then, in grotesque fascination, I watched as he placed his two hands either side of … Continue reading Something has to give…


It would be fair to say that I have been blessed with the genetics of a sloth.  As a child I was forever being chastised by my parents & siblings for not keeping up.  It was that I never really saw the point of rushing anywhere.  When, much to my familys’ surprise, I joined the army, aged 17, things really didn’t change that much.  As I tried to explain to my Troop Sergeant during a route march, as long as I reached the destination eventually, who really cares about how fast I marched.  Unfortunately he really didn’t see my point … Continue reading Bimbling