Trying veggie haggis for the first time

It may surprise some of you that we don’t always eat bacon & sausages. Very occasionally, we like to try out new & interesting foodstuffs – even vegetables. Today it was the turn of haggis. But not your normal sheep’s stomach stuffed with meat & barley, but a veggie version stuffed with, well veggie stuff.

After purchasing said haggis in a well-known supermarket, Harry & yours truly decided to venture out into the wilderness (well, a wood near Pangbourne) for a bit of a bimble. Finding a suitable spot, well away from others in the human race, Harry set-to firing up the stove & I fathomed out how to string-up our entertainment for the afternoon – an army jungle hammock (it only cost about £30 so a bit of a barg).

To be honest the haggis didn’t taste too bad – like an exploded nutloaf, so I gave it a 7, whereas Harry was not so enthused (“Can we have bacon instead?”) & gave it a 4. As for the hammock though that was definitely a 10, if only for the comedy value.

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