Harry’s easy-peasy-noodley soup

On the outskirts of Reading is a massive wood where I often go with my dad to walk & do some cooking. This is my first attempt at writing a blog article about one of my favourite dishes.

My recipe

What I used

  • A packet of instant noodles
  • A few hotdog sausages chopped into bits (you could use instead a couple of cooked sausages, or if you are feeling posh, a lump of chorizo πŸ˜‹)
  • A handful of peas & a chopped carrot (again you could mix it up a bit & add other veggies – ‘shrooms, sweetcorn, stuff like that, but not broccoli, definitely not broccoli 😝😝😝)
  • Seasoning supplied with the noodles (if none provided then use a stock cube, or failing that, S & P would do)
  • Water – approximately 500ml per pack of noodles

How I cooked it

  1. I boiled-up the water on the stove & carefully added all the other ingredients
  2. I then simmered the mix until the noodles were cooked & yummy

Note: If you have to share this, do not let the responsible adult eat all the hotdog chunks.

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