Not Giving a F**k

Being in the relatively early stages of development (The Dawdlers Guide, not me), it occurred to me that I didn’t have a decent strapline. I wanted something that immediately resonated with those fellow dawdlers in the world, such as ‘Forever plodding on’, ‘Sticking the middle finger up to modern life’ or ‘Bimbling on through life’. Before I finally settled on ‘Taking life easy since 1970*’, I almost considered using ‘Not giving a f**k since 1970’.

(*Interesting point: I found out from my eldest, that in the computing world the beginning of time is in fact, 1970. Therefore the club strapline could actually read ‘Taking life easy since the beginning of time’. How absolutely awesome is that!! Anyway children, back to the missive.)

Although that strapline was ditched, it did make me wonder as to the usage of expression – ‘not giving a f**k’. It is often uttered by those who have reached some sort of psychological end-point, or sudden conclusion, to a complex personal situation in their life. Occasionally the F-word is preceeded by the word ‘flying’, which always makes me smirk, as I end up with a mental picure of Sir David Attenborough hunkering down, observing through a set of binos (Binoculars) – “In the distance you can just make out a ficken of flying f**ks. If you look really carefully, you can just make out their distinctive extended position of their middle finger….”

But ‘giving a f**k’, airbourne or otherwise, is often utilised in two scenarios: 1) With reference to ones’ personal situation – “I don’t give a f**k anymore” or 2) With reference to another -“I don’t give a f**k what you think”. Whatever the context, both express that the person uttering the f**k, basically doesn’t care.

Although I am not sure I have ever uttered the second one personally (Little emoji character looking pensive & holding their chin), over the years I have had cause to say the first one – usually as a result of trying to compete with everyday society & coming off second best.

The bizarre thing is, when I finally get to the ‘I don’t give a f**k anymore’ moment, I can actually feel my blood pressure lower. It’s as though in that moment of realization, an invisible weight has been lifted off my shoulders, an inner tension has been released & I can suddenly breathe again. It is then that it dawns on me that I am actually a dawdler, not an Alan Sugar. I am a plodder, a bimbler, one of lifes’ also-rans, so why do I feel the pressure to be something I’m not?

The problem is to do with the way we choose to live. It is easy for all of us to get sucked into thinking that we need more; I need to work harder, I need more money, I need a better house, I need a better car, I need more holidays, I need more toys, I need a nice funeral. But who says?? Why can we not look at what we have & think – hey I don’t need anything else, I can make do with what I’ve got. As Paolo Nutini sang in a Pencil of Lead – As long as I’ve got beer in the fridge & a cover for my, er, umm (a word that rhymes with fridge), nothing’s going to bring me down. Shouldn’t it really be about giving a f**k about the right things in life? Family, friends, helping others, enjoying the moment, taking life easy?

One thought on “Not Giving a F**k

  1. Nice one mate. I could not agree more. I think Society deals as a shity hand and we all feel that we have to follow. No matter the cost. How nice it would be to be able to step out of the rat race? To recover one senses and then perhaps rejoin it at a time of our choosing. Keep writingπŸ–•

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