Still Dawdling Along….

Happy New Year to you all!

So here we are. It is 2020 & it is time to tyre-lever myself from the sofa once again, grab the brolly, put the walking boots on & head off in search of new adventures.  Just think, there is a whole, wide world just waiting to be discovered, so let’s get up & go….

……down to the nearest ale-house.

As I sit here supping my pint & watching the world speed by in the pouring rain, it is time to pull out the diary & plan some wonderfully slow adventures for the spring. Something on water maybe – a relaxed canoe excursion through the Wye Valley perhaps (Thinking a hearty casserole made with Gloucester Old Spot sausages, accompanied with a pint or two of local ale)? Maybe a bit of rustic camping in Wales (Oooo, has to be crispy Welsh lamb with garlic & rosemary)? Or why not get the Brompton out & have a jolly over to France (The land of cassoulet, saucisson, Pernod & croissants)? Oo la-la, sounds magnifique!

We all have wonderful ideas of travelling the globe, but how many of us actually get off our backsides to do it? Excuses of time, money & family commitments spring up, but what most of it boils down to is the psychological affliction known as CBA (also known in the military & medical fields as Lazybastarditis). This condition affects many & is unfortunately on the increase. Although it has taken some time, but I can now admit that I am a CBA survivor.

Joking aside, the biggest hurdle to any adventure is mustering the actual enthusiasm to do it in the first place. Personally I am a firm believer in the carrot & stick principle. For any physical activity, I basically have to bribe myself with some kind of reward at the end of it. That is why food & drink forms a massive part of my slow-adventures. There is no better motivator than the thought of tucking into some awesome food & drinky-poos, at the end of something physical. Wouldn’t you agree?

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