Would you care to join me for a Kävellä, my dear?

Although I am approaching the big 50, those that have met me will agree that I have outlook & the sense of humour of a twelve year-old schoolboy.  So imagine my joy when I found the gem that is Google Translate & its audio function.  After many hours of listening to computer generated voices say the words ‘boobies’, ‘bottom’ & ‘fart’ in languages ranging from Armenian to Zulu, I decided I had to make use of this tool for some serious, adult type stuff.

I was looking for inspiration for an article I was drafting for my podiatry blog – compiling a list of words that were related to walking.  From a crawl, to amble, bimble, dawdle, mosey, ramble, saunter, stroll & wander, I soon cantered to dash, dart, stride & sprint.  Again, my warped sense of humour kicked in & I started to play around with using ‘walking’ verbs completely out of context.

‘The boy waited patiently under the clock within the railway station for his love to arrive.  The train pulled in & then he spotted her, goose-stepping down the platform to meet him’.

‘The Regimental Sergeant Major called the parade to attention.  He turned sharply & with a resounding crack, drove his foot into the ground.  Pausing momentarily, he then stepped off with swagger, mincing across the parade square to the Commanding Officer’

When I got bored of this I started researching foreign words, starting with ‘walk’.   As I scrolled down through all the languages, certain ones really appealed to me. Wandelen in Dutch (I like to go a wanderlen…) caught my eye, as did Goen in Luxembourgish (Where you goen lad?), but it was the Finnish translation that really appealed.  

Kävellä; with a beautiful, rolling fluidity to it, similar to some Italian words, the more I clicked on the loud-speaker icon thingy, the more I liked hearing it.  And as I listened, my mind conjured up a useful English context to the word.  Perhaps it could mean a sashay or saunter in the holiday sense (‘Oh yes dahling,  I’ve just come back from a months’ kävellä around the South of France), or possibly a couple, promenading along a promenade, arm-in-arm whilst eating an ice-cream.  Or maybe it could describe the type of walk that occurs after a romantic meal, but just before coffee, if you know what I mean (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more).

Personally, I think there should be more of this sort of thing, if only to add a little merriment to ones day.

“More tea Vicar?”

“No thank-you my dear, it gives me windige Pops”



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